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Expect nothing less than the highest standards for honesty, trust and integrity.   

Choices:  There are countless inspection companies in the Central Savannah River Area who make promises or claims of excellent service.  Many of them are exemplary. However, with the CSRA continuing to grow, it is important that agents have a number of choices to meet the needs of their clients. 

Qualified I am one of the few highly trained and experienced inspectors in the CSRA with over a decade of experience and a continuing education requirement of 24 hours annually.   

Commitment:  I understand the importance of reaching an inspector after hours or on the weekends.  Why shouldn’t your TEAM members like your Mortgage Company, Appraiser, Title Company or Home Inspector do the same?

Flexible:  I accommodate your client's availability.  I answer phones 7 days a week.  Voice mails are returned usually within the hour.  Please, no calls after 9 PM. 

Liability:  All inspection agreements include an agent hold-harmless clause.  I provide services that not only compliment the needs of our agent’s clients, but provide detailed and professional reports that limit liability supplemental to the seller's disclosure. 

Integrity:  You can expect me to conduct a thorough examination of the home's condition.  I maintain a non-alarming perspective relative to the structural, sanitary and safety conditions considered conducive with the age of the home.  Homebuyers, particularly first time buyers, are looking for an inspector to guide them through this phase of the buying process.  I enjoy and am proud of the service I provide.   

Satisfaction:  Educating buyers of the home's condition and systems life expectancies can alleviate the unknown during the buying process, providing predictability and piece of mind.  Educated, your client will be prepared for the next step in the process - closure with an informed and confident decision.       

Local:  Columbia Inspections is much more than just another inspection company or franchise - I am a locally owned, family operated business providing unbiased third party evaluations.

Reports: In this day and age of timely service, it is essential you choose an inspection company that delivers.  I produce all reports within 24 hours.  The preliminary report findings are reviewed on-site then digitized with relevant photos at the office.  Based on the client's request, the final copy is emailed, faxed, hand delivered, or mailed the following morning.   

Equipment: I carry equipment for checking not only the standard items of an inspection, but monitors and devices that allow me to check details that matter to our customers such as: indoor air quality, microwave leakage testing, water flow and pressure testing, infrared and thermal imagery (when requested).

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